The best [brisket] taco in Indiana!

Sara D.

This salsa is the best!!!!!!

Holly F.

I can’t pick just one [taco]! They’re all so good.

Bobbi M.

Absolutely the best tamales I have ever tasted.

Maritza R.

That is fabulous!!!! Our office staff will be over for many lunches next tax season!!!! Welcome to downtown Noblesville

Lana J.

Yayyyyy!! So excited for you, Noblesville and me!!! I get Texy Mexy more often!!

Jeannine F.

Yay!!!! So excited for you guys! Best Salsa & Food hands down!

Stephanie B-A.

This is the best news ever!! My family, especially my son, will be so happy!!

Kelli A.

Eeeeek! A restaurant!!! So, so excited for you!! And, all of us!

Jessica M.

Wow! How exciting! Congratulations!!! Can’t wait to bring the staff there for lunch😋

Gary W.

This is great news, Sophie! Congrats! I’m not sure who’s more excited- you or Jonathan! 😀

Bobbi T-M

Yum! Brisket tacos whenever I want. 😍

Liz T.


Angie D.